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Manufactured Products & Components

Specialty Solutions. Powerful Products.
Great Lakes Power manufacturers a full range of products and components. Our expert staff designs, engineers and manufactures products in-house. We're a go-to subcontractor for complex projects and a full solution manufacturer for customers who need customized components.

The products we manufacture include:

We provide a full range of drivelines with capacities up to 250,000 lbs./ft. We can manufacture drivelines to fit your existing equipment. We also provide repair services, along with cross and bearing replacement.

Flywheel Housing Adapters
Our flywheel and housing adapters accommodate a variety of housing and flywheel configurations. We can build flywheel and housing adapters to meet your specifications in our manufacturing facility.

Custom Machining and Fabrication
Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with a full complement of high-tech CNC lathes and machining centers. We can produce short and full production runs, and we focus on being the answer to your custom machining and fabrication needs. That means providing expert design, engineering and production services, along with the quality assurance to back up every product and component that comes off of our manufacturing floor.

Mounting Brackets
We design, engineer, manufacture and stock a complete line of mounting brackets for rigid or flexible engine and transmission installation applications. We're your one-stop shop. Our engineering team collaborates with your designer, engineers or customers to design and manufacture custom mounting systems to meet specific installation requirements.

Straddle Carriers - Component Parts
We offer a complete line of new and remanufactured components for the straddle carrier market. We can engineer and custom design straddle carrier components and assist with other processes, including installation drawing and component sourcing.

PTO Support Plates
Our power take-off support plates suit a full range of applications. Plus, our design and engineering staff will work with your team to create the optimum PTO support plate solution. We fabricate the products in-house and comply to QS 9000 standards.

Companion Prop/Flanges
We produce a full range of companion prop/flanges to suit your specific needs. We'll customize a solution that adheres to specific application criteria.

Clutch Plates / Clutch Components
We can accommodate your clutch specifications and produce clutch plates and components that meet your specific application requirements.

Custom Tooling
We produce high-quality custom tooling for a range of industries. Our design and engineering staff collaborate with your team to create tooling solutions that meet your diverse needs.

Torque Converter Products
We specialize in the manufacturing, supply, and service of torque converter products. We have the technology, engineering expertise and design staff to meet your specifications.

Paragon Marine Transmission Parts
Great Lakes Power purchased the Paragon Marine Transmission Works in February of 1982 and we have been supporting this product line with parts and service ever since. We manufacture and stock Paragon Marine Transmission parts, and we can ensure that those parts meet OEM specifications.

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