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ST-35 Straddle Carrier - Material Handling for the 21st Century

The advanced and efficient ST-35 straddle carrier is designed for production operation in the harshest industrial environments. 24/7 operation is no problem for the rugged and reliable ST35.

Standard features include:

  • 35 metric ton (77,161 lbs.) capacity @ 20+ MPH travel speeds
  • Cummins QSL9 diesel engine (350BHP@2100RPM)
  • Steer by wire, Brake by wire
  • Four wheel multiple mode steering options (automotive, fork lift, circular, crab)
  • Four-wheel independent coil spring suspension
  • Four wheel wet hydraulic disc brakes with closed loop cooling
  • Automatic lift cylinder synchronization for leveling loads
  • 360° visibility with high center mounted cab for enhanced safety
  • 180° operator seat positioning permits eyes forward to travel direction
  • Intelligent controls provide full system monitoring, instant feedback
  • Safety interlocks and alarms for maximum power train and load protection
  • On board and remote diagnostic reporting, GPS position reporting
  • Center mounted panoramic view operators control cab features a 180 degree rotating seat to enable the operator to always face the direction of travel
  • AM/FM/CD Stereo
  • Suspension seat & tilt steering column
  • Thermostatically controlled HVAC system
  • Roof mounted windows and ergonomic location for all controls
  • Upgraded headlights, load lights and side illumination lights provide improved visibility at night
  • Front and Rear windshield wipers with wash function and power ducted defrost of front and rear cab windows for inclement weather

The ST35 has exceptional maneuverability from its 4 Wheel Steer by Wire System that offers four steering modes including crab steering. Each wheel turns ±48 degrees for maneuvering in the tightest environments.

This straddle carrier is powered by a Cummins QSL9 rated 350hp @ 2100 rpm. It features two wheel closed loop hydrostatic drive direct coupled to a planetary reduction gearbox. There are no drivelines, universal joints, chains or sprockets to replace and maintain.

Great Lakes Power Service's ST35 also features a brake by wire system with four wheel wet hydraulic disc brakes. A spring set hydraulic release parking brake is standard. Two hydraulic oil coolers are installed with thermostatically controlled hydraulic fans to maintain fluids at optimum operating viscosities.

Four heavy duty lift cylinders handle capacity loads of 35,000 kg (77,000 pounds) with ease. Lift cylinders automatically synchronize with closed loop feedback controls for lift cylinder positions. Optionally available is an on board load weighing system. Standard lifting height is 30" and additional lifting height is readily available.

The ST35 offers an advanced control system allowing customization of the machine operation to meet any customer requirement. Just some of the features are Cab Mounted Color Display with multiple display screens, GPS position tracking, WIFI/GSM Cellular data communication, remote telematics package, logging and display of critical parameters and fault conditions.

Other Design Features

The ST35 is designed for production mill duty and all components have been selected to meet or exceed expected engine life to overhaul. Unit is designed for 4-turn operation for 6,000 to 8,000 operating hours per year with the lowest possible operating cost per hour.

Fuel Capacity: 99 US Gallons, Number 2 Diesel
Hydraulic Capacity: 110 US Gallons, ISO VG 46
Empty Vehicle Weight (dependant on frame size); 60,000 to 70,000 Pounds
Wheel Steering Angles: +48 Degrees, -48 Degrees
Max Operating Speed Fully Loaded: 25mph, 40km/hr (for higher speeds consult factory)
Braking Performance: Exceeds ISO3450 and ANSIB56.1
Standard Shoe Travel: 30 inches (extended lifting height available)
Standard Shoe Swing: 12 inches (extended shoe travel available)

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